Home Medication Reviews (HMR)


How well do you know your medicines?

By ensuring you are taking the right medicines the right way, you can improve your overall health and wellbeing and help to maintain your independence.

Each year more than 100,000 Australians are treated in our hospitals with problems caused by the medicines they are taking. Reports show that up to 70% of these problems could have been avoided. As a result, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia has developed the Home Medicines Review (HMR) Program.

A Home Medication Review will help you, or someone you love, to use medicines more effectively and to avoid unwanted effects.




What is the HMR Process?  

  1. Your GP determines if you would benefit from an HMR. Once they have your consent, your GP is required to start the review process by writing a referral to the pharmacy you choose. Please note that not all Pharmacists have the qualifications to complete HMR's. At Balfour's Pharmacy, our pharmacists are fully accredited to conduct HMR's. 
  2. Your Balfour's Pharmacist arranges a time to conduct an interview with you, preferably at your home.
  3. A Balfour's Pharmacy pharmacist conducts an interview. Your pharmacist will look at all the prescription medications you are taking as well as any that you have bought without a prescription eg/ from a health food store, over the counter at the pharmacy or supermarket. Your Balfour's pharmacist will talk with you about how you take them and any difficulties or concerns you may have.
  4. Your Pharmacist then writes a report back to your GP highlighting ways to help you.
  5. The GP will discuss any recommendations with you and may make appropriate changes to your medication regimen.
  6. The recommendations may include:
  • showing you how to take your medicines correctly
  • explaining why and when to take them
  • explaining where they should be stored
  • what to expect when taking them
  • what problems you should report to the GP
  • checking that prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines and vitamins are appropriate to take together
  • clarifying any confusion with generic medicines
  • giving you some help so you can remember to take your medicines
  • changing your medicines  


Who would benefit from an HMR?

People who:

  • take multiple medicines each day
  • have recently spent time in hospital
  • are concerned about their medicines
  • are confused about their medicines
  • do not always remember to take their medicines.


What is the cost of an HMR?

The pharmacist’s review and report is paid for by the Australian Government, so it will not cost you anything.


If you (or someone you care for) might benefit from an HMR, Speak to your Balfour's pharmacist or your GP.







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