Webster Medication Packing  


At Balfour's Pharmacy we use Webster-pak medication packing. Webster-pak sets out all the tablets and capsules that need to be taken at each particular time of the day, for each day of the week. This makes it easy to manage medication. Your pharmacist takes the doctor’s prescriptions and dispenses the medication into a blister pack. This pack is securely sealed so the medication is protected and there is no chance of spilling or mixing things up.

The pack lists all the contents plus other medications taken, providing vital information for hospital or ambulance staff in the case of emergency.

When it is time to take the medication, the person or carer simply pushes out the contents of the blister through the foil backing for the correct time on the correct day. Webster-pak provides a visual cue, so you always know where you are up to. It is as easy as that!


Webster-pak... Why it Works:

Provides a visible reminder to take medication

Easy to check to see whether medication has been taken or not

Sealed and secure to prevent spills or mix ups

Suitable for all age groups

Professional service from your pharmacist

Convenient and portable


For further information on Webster Medication packing visit http://webstercare.com.au






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